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06/14/2011 1:45pm

Jones Air Conditioning was able to help me with all of my air conditioning needs! The technician was on time and very helpful. Living in Golden Gate Estates I am glad that Jones Air Conditioning was able to fix my unit!

Mary Howe
06/14/2011 2:03pm

I called Jones Air Conditioning, when my A/C went out, after trying many other A/C companies and being told that they where to busy and it would be late in the day or the following day and I have small children. I called Jones Air Conditioning and the owner David Jones himself came out and got my A/C up and running for the night till the tech could come by the following day to fix it permanently. I will recommend Jones Air Conditioning to everyone I know, the office staff was friendly and very helpfully, and David was wonderful,
Thank you, Jones Air Conditioning

Mary Howe

Mrs. Pupo
06/15/2011 6:25am

I Like the professionalism of this website. truly understand off the services. looking forward to doing business with you.

07/07/2011 3:19am

Thank you so much for your promptness Jones is the BEST!

Amanda Taylor
08/16/2011 2:09pm

I just had to leave a review for Jones Air Conditioning. I recently moved into a place and the a/c broke. Thankfully, I was able to have Bill the technician come out and fix it. I have never been happier with such great service! I have been in retail 15 years and am always aware of how others treat customers. It is so wonderful when you experience a company and more so, an employees who makes such a difference! He was friendly,efficient and was able to fix my a/c so fast! Thank you so much Bill! I will always recommend this company and Bill, for such Fantastic service!!

08/31/2011 5:46pm


Mrs. Walters
09/07/2011 4:20pm

I called Jones Air Conditioning because my air would not cool and the nice lady on the phone went through some steps with me before sending a service man out and she help me fix my air conditioning my telling me that I had my humidistat set wrong, and she saved me a service call. She was very polite and patient. I will now and in the future use Jones Air Conditioning, they seem to care for there customers more then the bottom line and I fine than a great quality in a company.

Mr. Bruce LeMay
09/07/2011 5:32pm

I would just like to say Jones Air Conditioning came to my home today and I have never used them and I was referred by my neighbor to call them, so I did and they office staff took my call and they where very nice and the lady I talk to was very charming and funny, I felt like I was talking to a friend. There service tech show up at my house at 4:30 only an hour and a half hour after I called. I was ready for the worst. Last time I had and A/C company come to my home they tried to sell me a new unit, but the tech said I only had a clogged drain line and he did a complete service maintenance and cleared the drain line and he was here for over an hour and only charge us 119.00 which my wife pointed out it was after hours and the tech said no problem and took care of everything, and did a great job cleaning up after him self.

Jones Air Conditioning is all right in my book, being from New York. You expect the worst but they where GREAT.

Thank you.

James S.
09/13/2011 10:18am

I just wanted to take this time to thank Jones A/C for their generous donation in my behalf to the Brotherhood Ride. The money your company donated could go to a fatherless child’s college fund or help a struggling widow make ends meet. The brotherhood thanks you, I thank you.

Nora Boylan
09/16/2011 12:42pm

David Jones, the owner of Jones Air Conditioning, is also looking out for the best of his customers. He fit us in quickly & the technican was as helpful, quick to resolve our problem & left us feeling satisfied. He did not seem bothered at all by my many questions, as I usually have.
thank you for your prompt professional sevice.

Charles Lyke
09/22/2011 4:59am

Hello Jones AC:
Thanks for the 10% off annual service offer. My comments are for you to have the employees performing the annual service to use a check list that they initial off and show the client to indicate the service was actually performed.

Thanks for your efforts and responsiveness!

09/30/2011 3:59am

Great Service!

Richard R Cappelletti MD
10/05/2011 5:21am

While out of town, we received a call from the person doing a weekly walk through at our condo. The air conditioner was not on, and all checks of settings, fuse box, etc. were futile. We immediately called Jones Air Conditioning, and within the hour a technician arrived and assessed the problem. Needed replacement parts were delivered and repairs were completed- rather expeditiously! A call from the person checking our condo relating the successful repair and a cool condo. We also truly appreciate the courteous, efficient attention by Robin. She's such a comfort during a "crisis.

Thanks, Dick and Betsy

10/17/2011 7:17pm

Great service. Always available. Our airconditioner went out and they were there the next day!!!
Really great company.

J.R. Anderson
10/02/2013 12:19pm

I always new you would land on your feet I thought you were going ti gatlinburg with your churh acording to robbie I was recently visiting a relative in naples and thought I saw one of your trucks and I was right you have come a long way . Me? Service manager in Raleigh all my children are in milatary and yes I am still married to as you call her that spitfire Hope you are well Best wishes J.R. Anderson ps My relative there is Scott Johnson dds implant surgeon great guy

Art Carey
07/06/2014 1:57pm

David, I learn from people like you. Great videos. Just got into AC 2 1/2 years ago. I am self taught. Learning by watching companies like yours. Would like to fly down to Naples and work with your company for zero for a month to get better knoledge. Again great videos.

Robyn Deering
09/23/2014 4:17am

I called to schedule a maintenance cleaning and was told they could come early morning and be done within a 45 to 1 hour time frame. I offered to schedule for another day if they could not meet that time frame but was assured they could. But he was 15 minutes late and took 2 hours and didn't do several things that were on the list of services to perform including inspecting the ductwork, calibrating the thermostat and changing the filters. I was somehow supposed to know to have batteries and filters on hand though it wasn't mentioned when I set the appointment and the owner of the company said changing the filters was something my husband was supposed to do three times a year anyway. I was also told he would bring a service agreement for me to look over with a couple of options that were less expensive than the one-time visit charge. . That did not happen. I was told I would get an estimate on repairs they felt were needed. That did not happen. I called three times trying to get a copy of the service agreement and to change the card to be used. Instead I was told by the owner that its normal for them to be late and most people don't expect them to be on time. I got a email with a service agreement from one person and an invoice for nearly twice that amount from another person and in the end they charged the card without my authorization for the higher amount.

09/23/2014 5:23am

I had Jones Air Conditioning put in a split in my garage. It is fabulous as I now have a cool garage and an extra controlled air environment for storage. They were very neat and tidy and are experts. They also installed a new electrical panel outside and came out late to fix my AC inside when it quite working one night. Very courteous and stayed till the job got finished. Very professional and knowledgeable. I am definitely going to hire them for all my AC and electrical needs in the future. Thanks for doing such a great job!


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